Working at BCCIL

We welcome applications and enquiries from researchers and students who wish to use BCCIL as an experimental platform.

There are no restrictions on the type of work that can be conducted at the site, as long as disturbance to the plots is kept to a minimum, and sampling does not have a negative impact on other people’s research.

The BCCIL Steering Committee provides support for applications to conduct research at Buxton and advice on the practicalities of working at the site. We also help coordinate across research groups to minimise overlap or conflicting interests.

If you already have a general plan for research at the site, please complete this short research enquiry form and we’ll contact you to discuss your requirements.


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The Ecological Continuity Trust provides a number of small research grants and student grants each year to support work at the site.

Researchers working at BCCIL are asked to support general site maintenance; individual contributions will depend upon the extent of the work and the level of available funding.


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The Buxton Climate Change Impacts Laboratory is located within the site of the Health and Safety Executive at Harpur Hill outside of Buxton, Derbyshire. The experimental plots are on a steep west-facing slope, which can make fieldwork challenging in bad weather. Parking space is available within c. 50-m of the site, with access via a tarmac path.


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BCCIL is primarily a field site, so facilities are basic. The automated experimental treatments and data-loggers are controlled from a porta-cabin at the site, where there is also running water and electricity. Space for sample processing is currently limited, but an additional cabin with bench space will be added in 2018/2019. Outdoor benches and space for e.g. pot experiments can be made available upon request.