Research at BCCIL

This year, we celebrate 25 years of research at BCCIL. The longevity of the site makes BCCIL an invaluable experimental platform for future investigation of climate change impacts, and the Steering Committee welcomes enquiries from anyone interested in working at the site.

Our research at BCCIL aims to understand climate impacts on grassland ecosystems in the broadest sense. Current and recent research at the site focusses on plant and microbial community ecology, plant traits, evolutionary adaptation of plants and soil micro-organisms, ecosystem carbon and nutrient cycling, and plant invasions. See the Publications and Projects pages for details.

You can also download Prof. Phil Grime’s article The Buxton Hub about research developments at BCCIL.

BCCIL V.I.P.s (from left to right): Jason Fridley (PI from 2007-2017), Andrew Askew (Technical Director) and Phil Grime (BCCIL Founder and PI from 1992-2007).